Contending With A Wood Window

We all know that wood window windows have a unique aesthetic that they add to your property. However, you probably also know that a lack of maintenance can make a wood window take as much away from your house as it adds. We get that you may not have the time to fix a wood window all by yourself. Well, that’s what we’re here for.

Our Staff & Contending

Our staff knows and appreciates the complexity of contending with wood windows. Restoring the novelty of your wood window is their job and they can just about offer every service in the book. The aforementioned services are inclusive of brick moldings, window casings, window sills, double hung windows and sashes.

If you need our help but are unsure of our credentials, just remember that the Better Business Bureau gave us an A+ for the superb quality of our work. Feel free to read the tons of testimonials on this website too.