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Your sash windows are the soul of the house. They almost overwhelm their personality, characterising your home with their colours and shapes.

But – consider this thought for a moment – what happens when your windows are not well-maintained? What kind of image would that give to on-lookers and your dearest friends and family? Isn’t it almost like ripping off the soul of the house and letting it rot away? Windows need proper care and maintenance, just like your car. If they’re on the brink of falling apart, their needs must also be attended to. The Wooden Window Service Ltd is a London-based company that deals with new wooden sash and casement windows, their restoration, refurbishment and draft proofing. The company built its reputation wisely because we are one of the few companies in London that can efficiently and effectively restore and restore sash and casement windows in their best shape.

Restored Original Sash Window
Georgian Style Sash Windows

Motivated Professionals

Furthermore, we are also well-known for being one of the only companies that holistically restore and refurbish sash and casement windows. I want you to know that taking care that no step is left out gives your windows an elegant look. Extremely efficient, especially in the way and delivering our high-quality services quickly. Moreover, Wooden Window Service Ltd comprises a small team of highly motivated professionals. They have been rigorously trained in restorative joiners and know the process of refurbishing sash and casement windows like the back of their hand. The company also produce hardwood sash windows in the most environmentally friendly and inexpensive way.

Old Victorian House
New Sash Windows

Currently, our company specialises in working on listed buildings and homes in the local conservation areas as the careful restoration of sash and casement windows requires the most attention to detail. And even with individual projects, we do our best to offer you the services.

Here at Wooden Window Service Ltd, a straightforward ideology ingrains our work ethic. Great windows come from great hands and excellent materials. In other words, we maintain the quality of the materials. Nor do we compromise on the hands that work on restoring your windows, i.e. our workers. Our highly skilled artisans are well-versed in the field. They will perform their level best at every and any instance – from the beginning of the restoration and refurbishing process to its fantastic, glossy end.

So, don’t hesitate to contact Wooden Window Service Ltd for your windows’ needs.