Pioneered by Robert Hooke, sash windows have become a staple part of the British architectural landscape for over four hundred years. The oldest known sash windows were used in the 1670s. When the Ham House was construct in the south of Richmond. Since then, sash windows have maintained their popularity and have remained an integral part of London’s history and culture.

17th Century

At first, the earliest sash windows slid horizontally, but then they were replace by vertical sliding sashes. The new vertical method was then religiously used because it contained and holes that systematically worked to adjust the heights of the sash and cases. Moving onwards to the 17 century, sash windows were further innovated by embracing a new system of weights and pulleys – a system that we are much more familiar with.

If you carefully take a closer look and appropriately examine your surroundings, you will notice that many of London’s Victorian, Regency, and Georgian properties are construct with sash windows. Additionally, even late Victorian and Edwardian suburban houses were build using standard stash windows. Without them, the buildings, along with their history, lose all of their value to the English society.

Wooden Window service

We at Wooden Window service believe that renovating, and restoring sash windows is an esteem process. Our work acts as a barrier – we work hard to protect and restore the roots of our English culture. And to brave, the storm brought on by the recent technological advancements that threaten our history’s very core.

However, it is a fact that maintaining these sash and case windows do come at a cost. Even if it a reasonable one. But in the face of a sash window’s aesthetic and the additional glory it brings to a home, this concern pales in comparison. At Wooden Window Service, issues of rotting, swelling and distortion of woodwork can be fix easily. We aim to carefully repair and draught-strip your woodwork to leave your windows at their optimum level of functionality. Well-maintained sash windows last generations, and with our company, you can rest assured that your windows will too.