The sash cord is an integral part of a sash window. Over the years, after its longevity finally meets its end, the sash cord will suffer a breakdown and come off. So for the window to maintain its utility, you will need a sash cord that is design entirely for your sash window. How do you know when to replace the sash cord? When you have a hard time opening it or if it simply doesn’t open at all, it is high time for you to replace the sash cord. There are four sash cords so check all four of them and see which one is not functioning as it should so you can get a replacement.

Finding the right person to have your sash cords replaced can be a bit of a worry but not worry because we are at your disposal. We replace the broken cords and not just that, our service extends beyond. We make sure we check the rest of the cords which haven’t withered just yet but might be close to the age where they would. And in case our suspicions hold true, we fix that as well.

Sash Windows Balancing
Sash Cords Replacement

Sash Cords Replacement

For replacement of the cord, we use a waxed cotton sash cords. For further auxiliary suppleness, we add to it a polyester core which reinforces its tensile strength manifold. While selecting full draught proofing package and refurbishing your Windows, this service comes as customary. We can also provide pulley wheels and will adjust the weights of your sash accordingly, so your sash window is properly balanced your sash window. This will allow you to open and close your sash window easily as everything will be working smoothly.

The cracked sash cord is removed by one of our proficient handymen, and a fresh cord is mounted in its place rendering your sash window functional again. All the work is carried out from the interior of the material goods.


The procedure for replacement is our forte. After the window stop is unbolted from each side support, the bottom sash is detached. The final blob of the windows frame is freed, and the top sash pulled out. The sash cords are cut out from both sides of the window frame and tied so that they don’t fall into the wall. In case any weights break free from the cords, they are lifted out. To the remaining sash cords, a length of the string is attached.

Then the access hole is aimed at, and the weight, sash cord, string and the new sash cord are pulled through it. The sash weight cut free and tied to the new sash cord. The new cord is drag out, and weight is set back to the inside of the wall. A string is use to pull new sash cord and attach a weight. Top stash is taken hold of and new cords cut to appropriate lengths. After installing new sash cords , the top sash is introducing and the parting bead is replace. This same procedure is repeated for the bottom stash as well, followed by the restitution of the window stops.

Sash balance is a tube, available at top of the window frame and the bottom of the sash. This tube has a spring inside it that allows the lifting of the window when it is open. Over time, this spring wears out due to so much usage and can break. This may be a small problem, but many customers can let it go rather than getting it fix. So get the spring checked out and replaced if it looks worn out otherwise you’ll experience issues in opening it.