Hardwood Sash Windows will always be a classic. If you are building your house, you should opt for sliding oak sash windows so even if your house is built with a contemporary look, it will add a bit of old time elegance. If you already have old oak sash windows, you can have them replaced with new ones, so your house looks shinier, albeit still with its traditional touch.

We create and mount an unabridged assortment of striking European Oak Sash Windows, from vast shelters to minor spaces, and French doors through to main doors, we cover all. Apt equally for freshly construct and renewal ventures, all our Oak woodcraft is bespoke, made to portion, and man-made to the top design. We provide fabrication to a range of flairs to twinset nearly whichever assignment, whether it’s; a very contemporary display with big glassy expanses, old-fashioned carpentry assembled in an Oak frame, or, windows for a notable or epoch property. We have the know-how and dexterity to catch the precise way out for you and help you through the scheme course.

Hardwood Sash Windows

Have the old sliding sash windows in your home or office become worn out and are dropping, are they losing or keeping too much heat, or the noise insulation isn’t up to the mark or is it letting moisture in? Then why not think through swapping them with our new-fangled wooden sash windows. Sash windows can offer assets that old-style look whether it is a standby of novel sash windows or providing your belonging an entirely new guise.


The benefits of exchanging old sash windows with new ones are many. First of all, it will reduce all the outside clutter. If you are living in the city or a noisy neighborhood, you will want to keep all that clutter out. This is why you should opt for new oak sash windows so you can live in peace and silence. Another big advantage is that they will offer you better security and is energy saving so safety or high electricity bills are not something you have to worry about.

It will provide your property with a definitive retro look chiefly in expanses where all the houses have retained an out mode chic of the window; you can keep the period look with all the added advantages as mentioned.

Old-fashioned carving methods

We pool together contemporary and old-fashioned carving methods, enhancing them to deliver the finest conceivable result for gliding sash windows – certifying they function slickly and efficiently short of varying their creative exterior. We merely use the premium quality oak for our sash windows. With our work your never have to worry about quality. Our skilled workers have several years of good experience, and our customers have nothing but praises for the skill of our workers and the quality of our oak sash windows.

With wood quality, we also offer you variety in designs, so you don’t have to settle for the same boring old designs. We make a wide variety of sash window period designs such as Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian and many more lovely designs. Our staff has knowledge and years f experience in making traditional wooden sliding sash windows that follow all the rules and requirements of listed building sand conservation areas.

If you are looking to renovate your house and give a new yet traditional look? You should look for oak sash windows. Our staff will be present and willing to help you choose the best designs and build it for you.