We are always ready to help out our customers. Our designers have to offer a vast range of wooden casement window designs so you can choose what you like. We have a wide variety of designs ranging from contemporary to traditional. If you want to give us your design, we can work out a way to best implement that while maintaining the architectural integrity of the windows.

Casement Windows Renovation

Wooden Window Service Ltd offer an abundantly competent window renovation and upkeep facility. While we do offer new designs, we also appreciate the old ones. We understand and appreciate people’s concern for the heritage of their houses, and we want to help preserve that. The unique glasswork in tainted cut-glass frames and beams is a work of art, and we will restore your casement window while maintaining that art. Our workers are highly skilled in this area, so we can refurbish and restore several different types of windows in protected Grade 1 or 2 listed and unlisted buildings.

Lead Glass Windows

We can manufacture your windows with elegant and attractive leaded glass.
Every leaded window we create is entirely bespoke, so if your property has existing decorative windows that you would like to replicate, Wooden window service Ltd can help you design them to maintain the original look of your home.

We certify that the supplies are of the highest quality. As we keep saying, we always strive for quality. Years and years of knowledge and understanding ensure that we can pick out only the finest and most sturdy merchandise.

Our previous customers would testify to whether we were building them a new casement window. Or we were restoring their old one. We always use the highest quality material, and workers also know that. They work with great precision and skill, so your time and money are well-spent.

Construction protocols

New casement windows are glazed in harmony with Construction protocols to bid the finest dynamism productivity. We graft with a selection of diverse glass categories to outfit your exact essentials.

While we appreciate tradition, our methods of restoration are modern and accurate. Our Casement Windows come with a smooth weld technology that makes the hinges seem almost invisible. In addition to the highest material standards, we have incorporated a multi-point window lock mechanism in our casement windows, making it the safest lock ever. So with a beautiful design, you have safety and security. It is also energy-efficient and thermally proficient as well. And the aluminium alloys used to make it so light and artsy simultaneously.

These are excellent for natural ventilation resolves, as they hang them outwards, allowing cross aeration to occur. Casement windows are an excellent selection above kitchen sinks or anywhere your window requires a reach. Also, because they are very in contact with the weather, they use extra resilient material that renders them unbreakable and super sturdy for all climates. With our casement windows, you get your money’s worth. And appreciation from your friends and family over your choice of casement windows.

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