Traditional Georgian House Front with Wisteria


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Supply and Fit Hardwood Sash Windows

Hardwood Sash Windows will always be a classic. If you are building your house, you should opt for sliding oak sash windows so even if your house is built with a contemporary look, it will add a bit of old time elegance. If you already have old oak sash windows,… Read More

Windows Draught Proofing

After a hard days’ night, you rest your briefcase on the marble slab and unstrap your shoes. You sit down on your bed, your hands raised to your temples. It’s a cold September night, and you carefully remove all the mufflers wrapped tightly around your neck. You smooth out your… Read More

Casement Windows Full Restoration, Repair or Replacement

We are always ready to help out our customers. Our designers have to offer a vast range of wooden casement window designs so you can choose what you like. We have a wide variety of designs ranging from contemporary to traditional. If you want to give us your design,… Read More

Glazing, Stained Glass Repair

The rule is of the thumb is Double Glazing is better than Single Glazing. There are multiple reasons so as to why one should prefer double glazing over single glazed sashes. First thing first, the single glazed doors and windows don’t let that out. This means that during summers your… Read More

Security Locks and Stops Installation

With decades of extensive manufacturing experience, we at Wooden Window Service Ltd take security and safety very seriously. As the importance of security continues to grow each day, we are committed to consistently modifying and upgrading our policies, as well as the mass-produced materials and techniques, to remain up-to-date. We… Read More

Sash Cords Replacement/Balancing

The sash cord is an integral part of a sash window. Over the years, after its longevity finally meets its end, the sash cord will suffer a breakdown and come off. So for the window to maintain its utility, you will need a sash cord that is design entirely for your… Read More

Full Sash Windows Restoration

At some point, you will need to do a full sash windows restoration as it is common for sash windows, after extensive periods, to start deteriorating in quality. Since sash windows are usually made from softwood and timber, their internal materials begin to decompose and rot. The areas first to… Read More